From Neil George:
“Brandon is my only child. When he was ready to start school, I looked at a couple of different child care places and I didn’t feel comfortable sending him anywhere else but to the BCIU’s child care center. The staff, the way they run their operation, everything is just top-notch.
Brandon likes it so much, he sometimes gets upset if I pick him up early.
The Hamburg center is a very positive place. Brandon is a precious little guy. I wouldn’t trust him with anyone else.”

 From Eileen Klang:
“My son, Connor, attended the BCIU’s School-Age Center in Hamburg from kindergarten through the middle of fifth grade. The teachers live in the community and know the kids and their families really well. Over the years, they became a part of our family. They work hard to make the center safe and comfortable, not only for the kids, but for the parents as well.

The teachers have a strong educational focus. They’re a STAR 4 facility and I loved that part, because they always had the kids involved in activities throughout the day. During the school year, we signed a homework contract that specified how long we wanted Connor to work on homework after school. They made sure he did the work and reviewed it with him.

In the summer, Connor would go on field trips to the pool, the library, amusement parks, and restaurants. Each summer the teachers worked with the children to put on a talent show they performed for parents. Some children wrote scripts and put on a play. Others danced, or put together karate routines, or demonstrated sports skills. The kids teamed up to put on their acts and so it helped Connor and the other children learn how to work with others and complete a project from beginning to end.”


 From Julianne Smith:
“My son, Rowan, attended preschool at the Education Centre as an inclusion child via the BCIU’s Early Intervention program. From day one, the staff looked at him for who he was. They saw past his challenges and saw him as the truly great kid he is.
Rowan had a tough time with transitioning from one activity to another. If things didn’t go the way he’d like, he could have a major meltdown. His teachers were able to help him learn how to move successfully from one task to another. His meltdowns are now much smaller and less frequent.
The dedication of the BCIU is unmatched. They gave Rowan a safe place to be, one where he was loved and respected and they helped him grow in to a mainstream school. The teachers, therapists, and staff worked hard with us as a team and they never quit. We are thankful to have had the honor of attending the BCIU preschool.”

From Lacey Black:
“I have two children who attend the child care center at the BCIU’s Education Centre: Max, who’s 10, and Mia, 4. I love the teachers and the atmosphere there.
Mia has learned so much. She’s only 4 but she already knows how to add and subtract; she knows songs; and she learned it all from the teachers there. She learned how to share, and they also taught her some discipline. They teach children things you don’t normally see child care centers teaching.
For example, I wanted Mia to learn how to write her name. Without any questions or hesitation, Denise [Fetter, child care teacher] had her practicing and even gave her activities to do at home. Not many staff at other centers would do that, but Denise did.
Frankly, I’m kind of sad Mia will be going to kindergarten next year; she won’t be going to the child care center anymore.”

From Jinna Cruz:
“I love everything about my children’s child care center. Three of my four children attend child care at the BCIU’s Education Centre across from the First Energy Stadium, and I wish I could send all of them there, but my youngest is just one so she’s too young right now.
The building looks just like a regular school, which is something I love. In fact, when my kids talk about going there, they say they’re ‘going to school.’ The staff provides more than just child care: they teach my kids, as well. Everything about the child care center is perfect. It gives me great peace of mind and I thank all the teachers there for the great job they do. I give them 10 stars!”