Curriculum Development & Instructional Improvement Service

The BCIU provides leadership and support for school reform, curriculum development, educational technology, and instructional improvement.

State and Federal Agency Liaison Service

The BCIU serves as a liaison between the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the public and nonpublic schools of Berks County. In addition, the BCIU provides consultation on federal and state programs and lends support to local environmental education.

Instructional Technology Service

The BCIU provides educational media resources and professional development for teachers. The Educational Technology Services Department (ETS) media center provides educational media (VHS, DVDs, and digital streaming media), portable planetariums, and technology hardware. It also provides distance learning programs, lamination services, video duplication services, interlibrary delivery services (IDS), and inter-district courier services. In addition, the BCIU provides training in educational technology, computer applications, and the integration of technology into the curriculum.

Continuing Professional Educational Service

The BCIU provides staff development workshops, seminars, content area investigations, professional development activities and courses, and the insideBERKSbusiness internship program.

Pupil Personnel Service

The BCIU coordinates special programming for students in the form of NASA programs, music and art programs, Youth Day, and academic competitions.

Educational Planning Service

The BCIU facilitates or participates in various local, regional, and statewide study groups and committees and engages in long- and short-range planning, including research, development, and evaluation.

Management Service

The BCIU collects statistical data, serves as a clearinghouse on state bids, facilitates a joint purchasing system, and provides related business management services in accounting, contracts, insurance, and other fiscal matters. It also participates in negotiations with state legislators and is involved in advocacy efforts on behalf of the public school districts of Berks County.