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DID YOU KNOW: One out of every three teen mothers drops out of high school

The BCIU provides free services to help parenting teens succeed and earn their degrees. The Berks County Intermediate Unit’s ELECT Program (Education Leading to Employment and Career Training) responds to the specific needs of pregnant and parenting youth in Berks County schools, and helps young people raise healthy children and become the best versions of themselves.  

This program teaches skills that lead to success in both school and in parenting. The primary goal of the program is to help the student attain a high school diploma or GED. Economic self-sufficiency plans are developed for each student. BCIU’s ELECT services are designed for the teen parent who is struggling with balancing school, family, and work responsibilities.

A seamless network of services include: 

  • Individual and group supportive counseling service.

  • Child development and parenting education.

  • Healthcare and nutrition education.

  • Child-care and transportation referrals.

  • Vocational and career exploration.

  • Home visitation.

  • Secondary pregnancy prevention education.

  • Intensive case management year-round.

  • Activities, workshops, and field trips.

  • Academic tutoring, mentoring, and homework assistance.

  • Domestic violence and substance abuse information.

  • Life skill training and budgeting.

  • Helping those who want to re-enroll in school and attain diploma.

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For Teen Fathers

The BCIU’s ELECT Fatherhood Initiative aims to increase awareness of the importance of fathers in the lives of their children; foster better relationships among fathers, their children, and their families; and strengthen the family bond.