In partnership with Eduplanet21, Berks County Intermediate Unit offers a blended model of professional development for teachers and school leaders. This social learning platform offers ongoing and sustained access to state-of-the-art educational practice and theory, as well as information sharing and collaboration with colleagues around the state.

Learning paths focusing on topics related to best practices in instruction, school leadership, gifted education, special education, and core curriculum are available through the BCIUEduplanet21 consortium site.

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Hybrid learning, also referred to as Blended learning, is a combination of learning modalities involving face-to-face instruction and Web-based learning delivery.  When carefully designed, it uses a customized instructional strategy that leverages the strengths of each.  Hybrid Learning/ Blended Learning includes different learning or instructional methods (lecture, discussion, guided practice, reading, games, case study, simulation), different delivery methods (live classroom or computer mediated), different scheduling (synchronous or asynchronous) and different levels of guidance (individual, instructor or expert led, or group/social learning).

BCIU Office of Professional Development and Curriculum (OPDC) can help you design a learning environment where students learn at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace.

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Interactive tools encompass a broad range of hardware and software combinations typically used to enhance the flow of instruction and assist in engaging students within that instruction.

Tools include items that allow teachers and students the ability to easily share content by allowing different devices to communicate and transfer information during a lesson.  Devices include things such as interactive boards, interactive tablets, student response systems, document cameras, cell phones, and computer-based tablets to list a few.

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The Office of Professional Development and Curriculum (OPDC) offers media creation services including the following: photography, videography, screencasting, voice-overs, podcasting, and presentation services.

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Looking to change the way you teach? Nearpod allows teachers to create tasks that were previously inconceivable. With the explosion of technology devices available for engaging student learning, the Nearpod program provides educators with an effective yet creative option for the development and delivery of lesson content.

Nearpod provides users with options for differentiation, opinions, videos, exploration and recall while recording student responses for grading. Using Nearpod in a brick and mortar class or synchronous online cyber class allows for student-learning objectives to be delivered with immediate feedback on responses. Either way, students and teachers are viewing the same screen, allowing teachers to monitor live student progress while keeping every student actively engaged in the lesson.

To order at the PA statewide consortium price, please open the following link and complete the request for licenses.

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The Pennsylvania High School and Middle School Computer Fairs highlight students’ computer application skills.  The Computer Fair is a three-tier, judged competition comprised of a local school district competition, a regional competition which takes place at Berks County Intermediate Unit, and a state competition which takes place at Dickenson College (Carlisle, Pa).

Thousands of students across the Commonwealth have participated in this annual event.  Students that participate in this unique and exciting educational opportunity are able to unleash their creativity, create authentic projects, and receive recognition for their efforts.

The Middle School and High School Computer Fairs are two separate events operating under two separate sets of rules but held the same day at the same place under a common schedule.  There is no fee to participate.

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