Today, educators can take virtual field trips, interact in real time with teachers and students half way across the globe – or across Berks County – and take classes via the Internet.
The BCIU’s Distance Learning technologies offer teachers and students a wealth of educational opportunities delivered to computers or classroom projection screens.

The BCIU supports several models of distance learning. The first, videoconferencing uses a camera and a codec to allow people to communicate in real time. Using this technology, the BCIU can customize a training that may include people from multiple locations. This type of delivery is well suited to whole class instruction or to large groups. Training can be accomplished through content sharing which allows remote participants to see both the presenter and the presenter’s computer screen.

The BCIU also supports webinars that may or may not use face to face instruction. Products such as Go to Meeting, Go to Webinar and Blackboard Collaborate are supported by our Service Center. These are computer based distance learning programs. For small groups webcams may be used. Large groups rely on synchronous chat and audio connections when meeting. Desktop applications can be shared using these products

To learn more about the distance learning opportunities available to you or to schedule a training or class,
contact: Cherie Zimmerman – 610-987-8567 –