Working collaboratively with PowerSchool and the schools of Berks County, the BCIU facilitated the consortium purchase of eSchoolPLUS®. Through the consortium, member districts can utilize eSchoolPLUS tools to manage their student information, while enjoying implementation, training, and direct support from knowledgeable members of the BCIU technology team. These services, coupled with the cost-savings of the shared environment, make this a unique and beneficial offering for Berks County’s schools.

The eSchoolPlus advantage:

eSchoolPlus® is a true Web-based K-12 student information management system for school districts that are looking for:

  • 100% Web-based student information system
  • Easy-to-use design and Web browser interface
  • Leverage of a single, district-wide student database
  • Secure information access for all education stakeholders
  • Integration with other popular desktop applications

eSchoolPlus® offers the following features and benefits to both educators and parents:


Your building or district staff can easily manage all day-to-day student administration, processing, and information. With a single complete record for each student and a single centralized database (no data aggregation), you can transfer students within your district with all of their historical data. You can allow students to take courses in more than one building, and your district-wide reporting and analysis is made fast and easy.

Accessing student information is simple: Search for a student or a group of students with basics such as name or ID number, or use any additional criteria such as busing, address, or emergency contact information. If you need to work in a different school year, simply click on the year to switch to the desired school year (which is displayed with a different color background) without having to log out, load a different database, and log back into the system. The student administration applications include:

Demographics – Scheduling – Attendance – Discipline – Mark reporting – Standards and competencies – Medical records – Student fees


The Teacher Access Center helps teachers spend their time on education by providing them with an efficient classroom administration and parent communication system. Either right in their classroom or from home, teachers can use their Web browser to quickly and easily enter attendance, manage grades and assignments, access student demographics, and send notes to parents regarding their child’s progress. Its intuitive browser interface is “teacher friendly,” and all information and updates are real-time and recorded on each student’s historical record. The teacher access application includes:

Attendance – Gradebook – Interim progress reports – Report cards – Student summary


The Home Access Center provides parents and guardians with helpful information to support and guide their children through the educational process. From home or anywhere, at any time day or night, parents can access a Web portal to see their child’s test scores, attendance record, class work assigned, discipline records, and much, much more. E-mail links are available throughout the center so that parents may communicate easily with the school and teachers. The home access application includes:

Daily summary – Schedule – Attendance – Discipline – Class work – Interim progress reports – Report cards – Test scores – Demographics – Course requests


With the Performance Dashboards, superintendents, building principals, accountability directors, or any authorized individual can immediately monitor real-time performance metrics for attendance, discipline, enrollment, at-risk students, test scores, and calendar information right from their home page. Through a simple pick-and-choose process, individuals can customize their dashboards to display building or district-wide (if authorized) statistics, the areas they want to monitor, how they want it broken down, the way they want it graphically displayed, as well as set visual warning lights. The performance dashboards applications include:

Attendance – Discipline – Enrollment – At-Risk students – Test scores – Calendar information


eSchoolPLUS® provides K-12 administrators and staff with multiple query and reporting options to easily generate a full range of simple or complex reports and quickly distribute them to any number of people inside or outside the district. With a multitude of standard reports, required state and federal regulatory reports, and access to the consortium report library, as well as skilled report developers at the BCIU, eSchoolPLUS® can meet virtually all of your reporting and query requirements.

Helenanne Drescher – 610-987-8516 – heldre@berksiu.org

service & support contacts:
Kim Shimko – 610-987-8533 – kimshi@berksiu.org
Erika Tarnoski – 610-987-8644 – eritar@berksiu.org