2017 Outstanding Community Partner

Dr. Anna Weitz - 2017 Outstanding Community PartnerThe Berks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU) is pleased to recognize Dr. Anna D. Weitz as the recipient of the 2017 BCIU Outstanding Community Partner Award. Dr. Weitz has served and continues to faithfully serve her community as President of Reading Area Community College (RACC) since June 1, 2007, when she became its fifth president, continuing to build on its solid academic reputation and record for community responsiveness.

This is the third year the award has been conferred by the Berks County Intermediate Unit, and the BCIU will select one outstanding community partner annually. Some of the criteria in the selection of the recipient includes the following:

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the importance and role of the BCIU
  • Advocates in the community for the BCIU and the students served
  • Must be someone outside the BCIU (non-employee) who believes strongly in educational services and has demonstrated that commitment through their actions over time
  • Must be a recognized leader in their respective field and a member of the Berks County community

Without question, Dr. Weitz fulfills all of the above criteria, and more. She is a longstanding professional partner to the BCIU and an advocate for high quality pre-K to 16 education. Not only has Dr. Weitz and RACC shown their support for the BCIU and Berks County schools and students, they have also partnered with other community organizations to enhance the economic vitality of the city and county.

The Berks County Intermediate Unit offers congratulations and gratitude for Dr. Weitz’s leadership and for being a true and valued partner to the BCIU.

“Berks County Intermediate Unit is truly fortunate to have such an outstanding community partner who supports the efforts of the Berks County Intermediate Unit. During her tenure, she has fostered positive relationships by strengthening ties with schools, other colleges, and universities, and community organizations to enhance learning opportunities for our students, thus increasing the overall educational attainment level of Berks County and resulting in a stronger workforce.”     -Dr. Jill M. Hackman, BCIU Executive Director